2019 Capital Campaign


Deep Roots Market has a long history of providing fresh, local and delicious foods as a community owned, cooperative grocery store. Now we’re giving you the opportunity to invest in your store through this capital campaign so we can keep growing and serving the Triad community.


We need your help to raise $500,000 in Owner Loans so we can add more products -including a new smoothie bar, improve our overall efficiency, customer and employee experience, and pay down some debt left over from our move and the road construction that slowed our sales growth. 


You’ll see, feel, and taste the improvements we’ll be making, and you’ll also get a fair rate of return while putting your money hard at work in our community, that reflects your values.




Request for prospectus:


We’ve got an offering memorandum that gives you detailed information about our Capital Campaign, its terms and risks. To get yours and start helping us grow, come to the store: 

600 North Eugene St. Greensboro

or contact: 

Nicole Villano, General Manager 



- Minimum loan is $2,000 and there is no maximum


- Interest rates can range based on your choice: 0-2% up to $10k  -or-  0-3% over $10k


- Loans are unsecured and are only open to North Carolina residents who are Owners of the Co-op


- We’re also accepting tax-deduction donations





• Put your money to use serving your values and your community!


Help us grow so we can support more farmers, hire more people, and serve you better!


• Investing in your co-op helps grow a more just and equitable, cooperative economy right here in Greensboro!