2018 Board of Directors Election

For this year’s election, Deep Roots Market will have three seats open on the Board of Directors.  The Co-Op depends on qualified, committed Owners stepping forward to serve.  The Board is the legal representative of the Owners and, as such, is responsible for the overall well-being of Deep Roots Market. The Board exercises its authority through its relationship with the General Manager, whom it hires and monitors.  For more information or to apply, pick up a Candidate Nomination Packet.  They are available in store at any cash register or available for download below.

All eligible candidates will be added to the ballot. Voting will take place April 20-May 05. New Board members will be seated at the May Board of Directors meeting on May 21, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in serving your Cooperative, candidate application is now closed.

 Please view the Board of Director candidate nominees. 


* 2018 Annual Owner Meeting postcards (pictured to the right) 


Voting on the Bylaw listed below will occur during our Annual Owner Meeting: April 28, 2018


The underlined sentence below is a proposed addition to our Bylaws.  Bylaw changes must be approved by the Owners.  The reason for the proposal is to avoid a scenario where an extremely opposed Owner could be elected without any general support.

Section 3.7 ‑ Voting. At all meetings of owners, each owner shall have one and only one vote on each issue submitted to a vote of owners. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted. Unless otherwise required by law or by these by-laws, issues shall be decided by plurality of votes cast in the case of election of directors and by two-thirds of votes cast as to other issues.  However, to be elected, a director must receive a minimum of 10% of the votes cast.  Notwithstanding any other provision of these bylaws, the Board may authorize voting by mail in conjunction with or in lieu of a meeting of owners, provided that an adequate description of the matter to be voted upon is included in the notice of the meeting, and votes cast by mail are counted together with votes cast at the meeting, if any.